The Talk: Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix Stunts & Vegas Love Triangle


The Talk: Carrie-Anne Moss

From the CBS crime drama Vegas, Carrie-Anne Moss appeared on The Talk. She discussed returning to work after a decade at home with her family, and what’s next for her Vegas character.

The Talk: Carrie-Anne Moss Los Angeles

The Talk: Carrie-Ann Moss The Matrix Stunts & Vegas Love Triangle

Actress Carrie-Ann Moss reflected on doing some fast driving stunts in The Matrix and the love triangle that could be looming on her new TV series Vegas. (Featureflash /


Moss is a Canadian native who started modeling in Europe. Finally, she made her way to Los Angeles in her 20s. She knew no one and had nothing but a work visa. She said that she relied on Oprah to get her through this rough patch in her life.

Living in Los Angeles and becoming an actor was her lifelong dream, and it eventually came true for her. She said that it took her quite a while to get used to the LA traffic. “It took me a year to get on that freeway,” she said.

The Talk: Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix Stunts

She learned to drive for The Matrix at Motion Picture Driving School. Moss said it was nerve-wracking, but making that movie caused her to face many of her fears and overcome them.


Sara Gilbert suggested sending Sheryl Underwood to the driving school. Aisha Tyler said she loved Moss’s role in The Matrix and saw it as empowering for women.

Moss said it took half a dozen auditions, including martial artist trainers for fighting. Producers were impressed enough by her moves that she landed the role.

The Talk: Carrie-Anne Moss Vegas Role

Carrie-Anne Moss is on the side of the law in Vegas, but might she be migrating toward the dark side as the mob makes its way into 1960s Las Vegas?

Moss said her character is the show’s moral compass, but admitted that her character is getting “a little slippery.”

As a mother of three, the Vegas series schedule has affected her home life. She took about a decade off from working to spend time with her family.

Since Vegas is an ensemble, she still has the ability to spend time with her kids and make them lunches.

The Talk: Vegas Love Triangle

Carrie-Anne Moss said that she is learning all the surprises as she gets every script, so she is just as surprised as viewers are by the show’s developments. She may find herself at the center of a love triangle.

You can see Carrie-Anne Moss in Vegas, Friday nights on CBS.


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