The Talk: Blake Shelton “Boys ‘Round Here” & Lie Detector Test


The Talk: Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s star continues to rise. He is a coach on The Voice and just broke his own sales records with the new album Based On A True Story. This weekend, he will co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards with Luke Bryan. Shelton returned to The Talk to dish about his busy life and the new song “Boys ‘Round Here.”

The Talk: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert


The Talk: Blake Shelton "Boys 'Round Here" & Lie Detector Test

On The Talk, Blake Shelton previewed the upcoming ACM Awards, took a lie detector test, and explained why he likes his new song “Boys ‘Round Here.” (s_bukley /

Blake Shelton had affectionate greetings for the women from The Talk. Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood were especially flirtatious, but finally they got down to business.

Could Shelton ever give up his career if Miranda Lambert asked him to? He said he would love to be able to retire and hopes that he’ll have that stage in life one day.


The Talk: Blake Shelton Twitter

Blake Shelton has a very active and honest Twitter account. Has he ever regretted a tweet?

In fact, he sent a message to the show, asking for vodka to be put in his fake coffee mugs. Julie Chen came prepared with a flask bearing The Talk logo.

The Talk: Blake Shelton ACM Nominations

Blake Shelton is nominated for three awards at the ACMs, in addition to his hosting duties. Is he prepared with a speech in case he wins one of the trophies?

Shelton said he has never thought about what he would say in that situation, which he said is why he says such stupid things. “I wish I did think stuff out,” he said, adding that he tries to thank the people he can think of.

The Talk: Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan said he is nervous about being mentored by Blake Shelton. In years past, Shelton hosted with Reba McEntire, and he said that he will miss Reba’s presence.

Shelton had the chance to select an audience member to go along to the big show at the ACM Awards. He chose a very excited woman in a pink top. She will be in the audience, but the rest of us can watch the ACM Awards live Sunday, April 7 on CBS.

The Talk: Blake Shelton The Voice

Blake Shelton is back as the reigning champion coach on season four of The Voice. This season features new coaches Usher and Shakira.

Shelton did not know how to respond to Sharon’s obscene comments about his body. He recovered and said that it is difficult to replace the big personalities of the previous judges on the show.

The Talk: “Boys ‘Round Here”

The new Blake Shelton album, Based On A True Story, was at the top of the charts last week for its release. Shelton said he likes the song “Boys ‘Round Here,” which is about “the dude that I wish that I was, that’s kind of cocky and has a swagger.”

Julie Chen said she was sweating out of embarrassment from Sharon’s inappropriate behavior.

The Talk: Blake Shelton Lie Detector

The Talk hosts strapped a gigantic lie detector to Blake Shelton’s arm before quizzing him. He said that he likes waking up next to Miranda, wishes he had Adam Levine’s head, and said he must have Bacardi or vodka in his dressing room on tour.

City Of Angels is the movie that makes him cry. Shelton also joked that Luke Bryan can’t read. Sharon Osbourne concluded that Shelton told the truth, and the audience got his new CD as a prize.


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