The Talk: Blake Shelton Based On A True Story Review


The Talk: Would Blake Shelton Quit His Career?

Blake Shelton has never seen a higher point in his career than he has now. With his spot on The Voice as a judge and coach and his new album, Based On A True Story… doing better than any of his prior albums, you might be surprised to hear that the first question asked of him today was if he would quit his career if his wife Miranda asked him to.

His answer, honest or not (you decide) was that this has been his plan all along! Blake Shelton would love to quit and run off somewhere quiet with his wife. With what I am sure is a lot of money, who could blame him?


The Talk: Blake Shelton At The ACM’s

The Talk: Blake Shelton Based On A True Story Review

On The Talk May 27 2013, Blake Shelton talked about his new album, Based On A True Story.

Blake Shelton will not only be hosting at the ACM’s this weekend, he will also be up for three awards. Blake Shelton said that if he wins an award at the ACM’s, he didn’t really have any speech thought out to accept any award, but he did know who he would have to thank should he take home a trophy.

Luke Brian will be replacing Reba McEntire, who has been co-hosting for the last two years, as the co-host this year. Blake Shelton said that he really doesn’t think that the show will be as good without her, which he said was not only a playful jab towards Luke, but also just a cold, hard fact.


The Talk: Blake Shelton The Voice

Blake Shelton is back as a judge on season four of The Voice along with two new coaches, Usher and Shakira. After Sharon made some kind of censored comment about his body (which he really didn’t know how to respond to), he said that it would be hard to replace the personalities from the previews season of the show.

The Talk: Blake Shelton Based On A True Story Review

Blake Shelton’s newest album, Based On A True Story, shot to the top of the charts last week. Blake said that his favorite song off the new album is “Boys “Round Here,” which he said epitomizes the cocky and confident guy that he has always wanted to be.

The Talk: Blake Shelton Lie Detector Quest

Since his new album is called Based On A True Story, they wanted to strap him to a lie detector test and figure out some truths about him. Blake said that he loves waking up next to Miranda Lambert, wishes he had Adam Levine’s head, and said he must have Bacardi or vodka in his dressing room on tour.

The Talk: Blake Shelton Performs Sure Be Cool If You Did

To close out the show, Blake Shelton performed “Sure Be Cool If You Did” off Based On A True Story.



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