The Talk: Bill Rancic Prenup & Giuliana Rancic Parenting Advice


The Talk: Bill & Giuliana Rancic

The Style reality show Giuliana & Bill has let viewers in on a couple’s real life struggles with infertility and cancer. Now the Rancics are proud parents of Duke, and they made an appearance on The Talk to chat about parenthood.

The Talk: Bill Rancic The Apprentice

The Talk: Bill Rancic Prenup & Giuliana Rancic Parenting Advice

Reality star Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill talked with the ladies about their road to marriage and the challenges of juggling work and parenthood. (carrie-nelson /


Giuliana and Bill met during an interview. He was a winner on The Apprentice, and she admitted that she saw sparks while watching him on TV. Then she took her shot at getting to know the guy.

“I know it’s so tacky to use your job to land a man,” she said, but it seems to have worked out for the two of them.

Bill Rancic said she did her research and discovered before their interview that he had a girlfriend. He recalled her interview as horrible because of her demeanor. But when she learned that he was actually single, she changed her tune.


The Talk: Giuliana & Bill Rancic Prenup

Donald Trump congratulated the couple on their eventual engagement, but advised Bill to get a prenuptial agreement. He and Giuliana both agreed and went through the process, and she slipped in a “cheating clause,” that she would get 110% of his net worth if he were caught cheating.

Giuliana eventually told him that “Italian women don’t sign prenups,” on advice from her brother. It seems like everything is working out for them these days.

The Talk: Giuliana Rancic Parenting Advice

The couple is very busy these days. In addition to their reality show, Giuliana Rancic hosts E! News and Bill is an anchor for America Now. They are juggling it all along with their new addition, baby Duke.

Giuliana admitted that it is hard being a new parent, especially when it comes to sleep and “the guilt” of being a working mom.

Julie Chen said that she thinks it’s great for moms to show their children that moms can balance work and life at home. “It doesn’t make you less of a mother,” Julie said.

A sixth season of Giuliana & Bill kicks off in summer 2013 on Style.


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