The Talk: Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets & Sharon Osbourne House Fire


The Talk: Beth Stern

Beth Stern loves animals and she loves her husband, Howard Stern. She is the host of a new Nat Geo Wild series, Spoiled Rotten Pets, and she was on The Talk to dish about four-legged family members.

The Talk: Sharon Osbourne House Fire

Beth Stern admitted that she is the one who bought Sharon Osbourne a candle that caused a house fire. Sharon said there were no hard feelings, and that the candle smelled great.


The Talk: Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets & Sharon Osbourne House Fire

From the Nat Geo Wild series Spoiled Rotten Pets, Beth Stern was a guest on The Talk. (Joe Seer /

“Never go to bed with a candle lit,” Osbourne said.

Beth said that her husband, Howard, misses working with Sharon on America’s Got Talent, which is currently in the audition phase. Sharon decided to leave the reality competition after the 2012 season.


The Talk: Beth Stern & Howard Stern

Beth said her conservative Catholic mother was initially resistant to her daughter’s relationship with Howard Stern. She even hung up on Beth when she heard the news, and “did not talk to me for two weeks.”

The panel agreed that Stern is a much warmer and loveable personality than his on-air persona leads people to suspect.

Howard also has a hobby of photography, and he convinced Beth to do a bikini shoot in the snow over the winter. I can’t believe she could stand to make snow angels in just a swimsuit.

The Talk: Spoiled Rotten Pets Review

Beth now has a fun gig traveling the country and meeting the owners of some of the most pampered pets you can imagine. There is a woman who sleeps with a dozen rats and another lady “picnics with her donkey.”

But Stern’s favorite was a pair of pot-bellied pigs who sleep in bed with their owners and ring a bell to let them know when they need to go outside.

Stern took the pigs for a spa day and was amazed at how intelligent the creatures were. At her house, Beth and Howard share four cats. Their bulldog, Bianca, passed away last year.

Spoiled Rotten Pets can be seen Saturday nights on Nat Geo Wild.


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