The Talk: Benjamin Bratt Snitch, Modern Family & Marriage Advice


The Talk: Benjamin Bratt

From Law & Order and Miss Congeniality to Private Practice and the 2013 film Snitch, audiences can’t seem to get enough of Benjamin Bratt, who was a guest on The Talk.

The Talk: Benjamin Bratt Marriage Advice

The Talk: Benjamin Bratt Snitch, Modern Family & Marriage Advice

On The Talk, Benjamin Bratt talked about co-starring in the Dwayne Johnson movie Snitch, his work on Modern Family, and his 11-year marriage. (Featureflash /


Benjamin Bratt is celebrating 11 years of marriage with his wife. He called her the best thing that ever happened to him. “I treat her like my girlfriend,” he said of his relationship secret. “I’m constantly in a wooing state with her.”

He said he also makes use of his handyman skills around the house to get his wife in a romantic mood. He and his family recently took a road trip to San Francisco.

During the car ride, the kids played games, including a childhood version of “Would You Rather?” that juxtaposed piranhas and bulls, for example. Did you have a favorite road trip game to pass time in the car?


The Talk: Benjamin Bratt Modern Family

Private Practice concluded its run in early 2013, but Bratt also appears on TV as Manny’s biological father on the ABC sitcom Modern Family. “That is the best party in town,” he said of his character and the cast.

The Talk: Benjamin Bratt Snitch

In the new film Snitch, Bratt plays the head of a drug cartel. He said it is an action movie that casts Dwayne Johnson in an entirely new light. Who knew the wrestler would have such success as an actor.

“It really is about the extent to which a parent will go to protect or save his child,” Bratt explained.

Bratt called Johnson “a mountain of a man” and said that his sisters are very infatuated with his co-star. Though they did not share much screen time, Bratt said Johnson was very personable on the set.

Snitch will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray June 11 2013.


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