The Talk: Angela Bassett Olympus Has Fallen & Colorectal Cancer Month


The Talk: Angela Bassett

You have seen her in everything from Waiting To Exhale and Malcolm X. Now Angela Bassett is back in theaters as the Secret Service director in Olympus Has Fallen. She also talked with the hosts about Colorectal Cancer Month.

The Talk: Angela Bassett Chemistry


The Talk: Angela Bassett Olympus Has Fallen & Colorectal Cancer Month

On The Talk, Angela Bassett shared her experiences working with Morgan Freeman in Olympus Has Fallen and shared advice for Colorectal Cancer Month. (Helga Esteb /

Angela Bassett said she recently worked with Forrest Whitaker, and she said she hit it off with him right away and found a chemistry with him while simply reading through a script. “You just find something that you appreciate in the other’s humanity,” Bassett suggested.

She pointed to An Officer And A Gentleman, starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger. They hated one another off camera, but they put their feelings aside for the sake of a good performance.


The Talk: Angela Bassett Married

Angela Bassett has been married to actor Courtney B. Vance for the past 15 years. He tried to surprise her, but this time she saw it coming. He surprised her at her hotel after she had already gone to bed.

Vance sent her flowers showed up at the hotel to surprise her. But she had already gone to bed, so his surprise woke her up.

The Talk: Olympus Has Fallen Review

Olympus Has Fallen is now in theaters, and the action thriller had a big opening weekend at the box office. Bassett said this is a film that gives men and women something to enjoy.

Guest host Wayne Brady said he appreciated seeing Bassett and co-star Melissa Leo portraying strong women in the action movie.

The Talk: Angela Bassett & Morgan Freeman

Bassett worked with Morgan Freeman on the movie, and she said all her scenes were with Freeman. They had a great time on the set, from what it sounds like, and Freeman would start singalongs during breaks between scenes.

You can see Bassett and Freeman in theaters in Olympus Has Fallen.

The Talk: Angela Bassett Colorectal Cancer Month

Angela Bassett reminded everyone that March is Colorectal Cancer Month. She wanted to spread the word and raise awareness. She said that she thinks people should get a first colonoscopy at 40 instead of 50.

She recalled a friend named David who died at age 42 from colorectal cancer. One of her aunts, a nurse, also passed away from Colorectal Cancer, which can be treated if it’s caught early on.


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