The Talk: Andy Cohen Dated Anderson Cooper? Real Housewives Salaries


The Talk: Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen likes to get his guests liquored up so he can pry gossip out of them on live television. It’s like the nighttime version of Kathie Lee and Hoda. The host of Watch What Happens Live joined the table for a fun conversation on The Talk. Is it true that Andy Cohen dated Anderson Cooper?

The Talk: Julie Chen Chenbot

Andy Cohen affectionately referred to co-host Julie Chen as The Chenbot, a nickname she earned due to her robotic hosting duties on the CBS summer reality series Big Brother. He said he ran into her at the Met Ball, a recent star-studded gala fundraiser.


Cohen also shared a confession on the show. He said the first time he got drunk as a teenager, he took off his boxers to throw up in them because he did not have time to make it to the bathroom. Then he threw the whole mess out his bedroom window.

The Talk: Andy Cohen First Pitch

The Talk: Andy Cohen Dated Anderson Cooper? Real Housewives Salaries

Is it true that Andy Cohen dated Anderson Cooper? Get the real story from the Bravo TV host, author, and network executive, who dished on The Talk. (Joe Seer /

Recently, Cohen returned home to St. Louis and threw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium for the Cardinals. He admitted that the pitch was not very good, and his mom was disappointed that he did not get a do-over.


The Talk: Real Housewives of New York Salaries

Meanwhile, on The Real Housewives of New York, rumor has it that the cast attempted to work together and negotiate a salary increase. Cohen said he loves to trade war stories with Chen’s husband, CBS president Les Moonves.

All Cohen would admit to is that the New York arm of the franchise will be back for another season. Chen said she knows that Andy drives a hard bargain.

The Talk: Andy Cohen Internship

Cohen got started as an intern along with Chen at CBS News. He admitted to sneaking onto the set of the CBS Evening News to try and be in the background, but he got kicked out before he got his chance. You can read more of his stories in the new book, Most Talkative.

I think everything worked out for him in the end. He said his mother, Evelyn, sends him a nightly critique of his performance on his Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live. She is not afraid to be honest with him about how he did.

His guests include a mix of A-listers and reality stars. How does he get the gossip out of them? The live format and the lack of a pre-interview seem to get people talking without boundaries.

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday through Thursday nights on Bravo.

The Talk: Andy Cohen Dated Anderson Cooper?

The Talk turned the tables on Cohen and played one of his interview games, Plead The Fifth. He explained that being boring is the easiest way to get fired from the Real Housewives.

He also admitted that Anderson Cooper is a diva on vacation, because he gets bored easily and “is kind of a picky eater.” The two met on a blind date in the mid-’90s. Though they didn’t hit it off romantically, they have been great friends.

But he had to plead the fifth on which celebrities have asked to be a part of the Bravo franchise. As for the housewife he would most like to get with if he were straight for a day, he chose Adrianna from The Real Housewives of Miami.

For playing along, he won the studio audience tickets to dinner cruises from Spirit Cruises.


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