The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Pronunciation, Commute & Suburgatory Review


The Talk: Ana Gasteyer

During her years on Saturday Night Live, Ana Gasteyer portrayed everyone from Celine Dion to Martha Stewart. Now she is a nosy neighbor on the ABC comedy series Suburgatory.

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Pronunciation

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Pronunciation, Commute & Suburgatory Review

From Suburtagory, actress Ana Gasteyer visited The Talk to discuss baby names and cross-country commutes. (s_bukley /


Ana Gasteyer said that she knows her name is hard to pronounce, and she is used to people saying it wrong. Barbara Walters got it wrong even when it was spelled out for her phonetically.

For the record, the phonetic spelling is “ON-UH GAS TIRE.”

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Commute

Gasteyer has a family in New York City, and she commutes to Los Angeles for her gig on Suburgatory. She has gotten judgemental of fellow travelers because of her cross-country trips. She said she is also afraid of getting her children sick.


Ana Gasteyer said she flies with a “SARS mask” and keeps a file of things to work on during her commuting trips. But what is she really doing? She’s ripping pictures of recipes and clothes out of magazines, sort of like a low-tech Pinterest.

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Pee Wee Baseball

Ana Gasteyer has a five-year-old son named Ulysses, so I guess she wanted to carry on the tradition of complicated names. Her son’s birth weight was 10 pounds, nine ounces.

Her son is now playing Pee Wee baseball, and she signed up her husband as one of the coaches, despite the family’s lack of sports knowledge.

Then she overheard her husband referring to the team practices as “rehearsals” when talking with other league officials. Even she knows better than that.

The Talk: Ana Gasteyer Suburgatory

On Suburgatory, Ana portrays control freak mom Sheila Shay. SPOILER ALERT! Ana Gasteyer spilled some secrets about future episodes.

As season two draws to a close, she is facing a values crisis and will organize a father-daughter chastity ball. The suburbs are full of surprises, so something hilarious is bound to happen.

Gasteyer and The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler have a TV romance in common. Chris Parnell plays Gasteyer’s husband on Suburgatory, while he voices the boyfriend of Tyler’s character in the FX animated comedy Archer.

When Parnell’s Suburgatory character gets demoted, Shay will return to work as a realtor. You can watch the final few episodes of Suburgatory this season, airing Wednesday nights on ABC.


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