The Talk Who’s Your Daddy? Alex Trebek Jeopardy & Shaved Moustache


The Talk: Who’s Your Daddy?

The Talk is celebrating Father’s Day with Who’s Your Daddy?, a segment in which the hosts have to guess the identity of a mystery father by quizzing his offspring. Emily was the daughter of the day’s famous guest; Aisha Tyler recused herself from the competition, because she knew exactly who the surprise guest was.

Sharon Osbourne learned that Emily’s dad is not known for acting, but does work in television. He is a TV game show host, and Sheryl Underwood shrieked every one of her incorrect guesses. Julie Chen finally came up with the correct answer, Jeopardy‘s Alex Trebek.


The Talk: Alex Trebek Father

The Talk Who's Your Daddy? Alex Trebek Jeopardy & Shaved Moustache

The Talk’s mystery guest for Who’s Your Daddy? week was Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, who reminisced with daughter Emily about shaving his moustache in 2001. (Helga Esteb /

Alex Trebek said that he is often mistaken for Wheel of Fortune‘s Pat Sajak in person. But Sajak told Trebek that he does not have the same problem. Emily talked about what her famous father means to her, adding that he was always there for the family.

There was even a vintage shirtless photo of Trebek holding Emily, back when he still had a moustache. “I am not into photos all that much,” he said, but he made an exception for an image of Emily at bathtime.


Sheryl Underwood said she would have wanted homework help if she grew up in Trebek’s household. Emily said that he was helpful, but he made the kids work for their answers and learn on their own.

The Talk: Alex Trebek Strict?

Was Alex Trebek a strict dad? He thought of himself as fairly strict, and he talked about the difference between raising sons and daughters, as a dad. “You try to instruct your son, but with your daughter, …you want her to not do certain things,” he said, pointing to the ongoing tension, especially when your daughter is old enough to date.

Trebek said that after 50 years in the business, he has a “broadcaster’s voice,” which can be upsetting when he raises it. “I raise my voice, and that just freaks her out,” he said.

The Talk: Alex Trebek Moustache

In 2001, Trebek made headlines by shaving his trademark moustache. What was that like for Emily? Wife Jean, son Matthew, and daughter Emily were sitting at home when Trebek arrived from the studio, without his ‘stache. He claimed that it took them awhile to notice, but Emily said she cried when she first saw the change.

The Talk: Julia Collins Jeopardy

Recent Jeopardy contestant Julia Collins recently concluded a 20-game streak of wins, becoming the second longest-running winner in the show’s history, and the winningest woman. Alex Trebek also mentioned the Battle of the Decades tournament that took place during the show’s 30th season.

He noted that most of the attention the show received surrounded not the milestone, but contestants Arthur Chu and Collins. “They brought out the cheering sections and the ‘I don’t want you to win’ sections,” Trebek said, adding that both players will return for the next Tournament of Champions.

Jeopardy airs weekdays, so be sure to find its time in your city and you can play along.


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