The Talk Anne Hathaway Underwearless, Django Unchained & Company Store


The Talk: Anne Hathaway Underwear

Anne Hathaway has been having a bad week. Earlier this week she was being criticized her saying she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her other half and now she is being photographed without any underwear on.

As she was exiting a car as she arrived to the red carpet of the premiere of Les Miserables, paparazzi were able to snap a few pictures of Hathaway without any underwear on. She said, “it was devastating. They saw everything. I might have well just lifted up my skirt for them.”


The Talk Anne Hathaway Underwearless, Django Unchained & Company Store

The Talk discussed why Anne Hathaway is upset with the paparazzi, Sharon Osbourne went to the premiere of Django Unchained & $500 gift to The Company Store. (s_bukley /

Sara Gilbert said she didn’t see a problem with it. She said it happens all the time to actresses.

The Talk: Anne Hathaway Paparazzi

Aisha Tyler said she felt bad for her. This is supposed to be a happy time for her and she is always getting some kind of grief. But she did say it would have been worse if she were a guy. That’s called looking on the bright side.


Sharon Osbourne didn’t even care about the pictures. She said the boots Hathaway was wearing to the premiere were horrendous.

Sheryl Underwood said she should be proud of those pictures. If anyone ever tried to take a picture of Underwood’s downstairs area, they would just get a picture of her navel hanging down. She said she wished she was skinny enough for people to take pictures of her without her underwear on.

The Talk: Sharon Osbourne Django Unchained Premiere

Osbourne said she got an invitation in the mail to go to a screening for some movie. She didn’t really read the invitation, she just went to the address thinking it would just be a private screening. Little did she know it was the red carpet premiere of Django Unchained. She said she nearly ran into Leonardo DiCaprio when she stepped out of the car.

Either way, she said she loved the movie, saying it was “like the first time you see Godfather. It was so stunning and changed movie making for years. This movie, Django, has the same effect.”

The Talk Holiday Giveaway: $500 to The Company Store

The bells started ringing early again today. It was time for Jingle Bell Julie to give out a holiday gift. Today, everyone in the audience went home with a $500 gift card from The Company Store.


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