The Talk: How To Remove Ink Stains, Reshape A Sweater & Fix Heels


The Talk Takeaway: Fashion

From the TLC series Something Borrowed, Something New, fashion expert Sam Saboura returned to The Talk with some quick tricks that can prevent or correct wardrobe malfunctions.

The Talk: Baby Powder Sweat Stains

If you have sweat stains under the arms of your shirt or stains on the back of a collar, baby powder could be the magic quick fix. Sprinkle it, iron it, and it will form a barrier to prevent stains and reduce your dry cleaning bill. This is recommended for white shirts or lighter colors.


The Talk: Baby Powder Oil Stains

The Talk: How To Remove Ink Stains, Reshape A Sweater & Fix Heels

Sam Saboura gave advice on fashion fixes such as how to remove ink stains, reshape an old sweater, fix heels, or even dye your own jeans on a budget.

Let a generous amount of baby powder sit on an oil stain overnight. Then launder your clothing as normal and the stains should come out, even if the stain has been set into the garment.


The Talk: Clear Nail Polish For Buttons

How can clear nail polish help you keep your clothes looking great? It works to secure loose buttons. Just dab it on the thread until you can stitch it up or take it to a tailor.

You can also use clear nail polish to secure a loose screw in your favorite pair of glasses. It’s a temporary fix, but it sounds like it would work well in a pinch.

The Talk: How To Untangle A Necklace

If you have a fancy necklace that is all tangled up, use baby oil and safety pins to get it to come loose and go back into shape. Try preventing this problem by sealing your necklace in a tiny vitamin-size plastic bag, leaving an end of the chain hanging out of the bag.

The Talk: Flat Iron Collar Trick

If you are in a hurry, you can touch up the collar or cuffs of a shirt using a flat iron. Just make sure to wipe any hair products off of it first.

The Talk: How To Remove Ink Stains

Hair spray works great for removing ink stains from pens. Just spray hairspray onto the shirt, dab it away, and throw it in the wash as you normally would.

The Talk: Reshape A Sweater

Stretch a sweater back into shape using baby shampoo or baby conditioner. Just hand wash the sweater to relax the fibers and then reshape it to the size you want it to be.

The Talk: White Denim Dye

Get some dye and a bucket to look trendy by dyeing your white denim into a favorite color. Judging by The Talk, pastels are going to be big this year. The cost is minimal compared to buying new pants.

The Talk: How To Fix Heels

Repair a scuffed heel using craft glue, glitter, and a paper plate. This could give you a stylish, glamorous designer look while saving on your shoe budget.

The Talk: Rubber Band Jeans Expander

Sam has two items he thinks every woman should always carry with her. A rubber band and a swatch of black polyester cloth are his big secrets.

You can loop the rubber band through the hole of your jeans and hook it to the button for up to 1 1/2” of extra room.

The Talk: Deodorant Marks

The black polyester cloth is perfect for removing deodorant marks from clothes while on the go. You can get more of Sam’s advice on TLC’s Friday night series Something Borrowed, Something New.


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