The Talk: Bringing A New Boyfriend Home & Seasonal Weight Gain


The Talk: Bringing A New Boyfriend Home

One prominent blogger recently wrote the holidays are the worst time to bring home a new girlfriend or boyfriend because it can be such a stressful time for families. Would you bring your new new boyfriend or girlfriend home with you for the holidays?

Sheryl Underwood said it was the best time to bring a new boyfriend home. Then her family can get a good look at him and he can get his DNA all over the house. Then, in case she disappears, her family will know who to go look for.


Sharon Osbourne, on the other hand, thought it was a terrible idea to bring a new boyfriend home. When there are no children around for the magic of Christmas, everyone is just fighting and talking behind each other’s backs. And sisters may get jealous of one sister bringing a cute boyfriend home. It can get messy, said Osbourne.

The Talk: Bringing A New Boyfriend Home & Seasonal Weight Gain

The Talk discussed whether or not they would bring home a new boyfriend for the holidays & a study about seasonal weight gain for Americans at the holidays.

I think the Osbourne household is a bit hectic during the holidays.


The Talk: Home for the Holidays

Julie Chen was all for bringing a new boyfriend home. She figured it could make everyone stay in line because no one wants to look like the bad guy in front of a guest. Plus, if one of her sisters brings a new boyfriend home, she has the upper hand. Chen said she can get whatever she wants from her sister by telling her she will start making her new boyfriend uncomfortable at the holidays.

Aisha Tyler said she would want to go to her boyfriends house for the holidays so she could see his family, see if his father was good looking to gauge what her boyfriend might look like in the future and to see how he acts with his siblings.

“I would check his closet to see if he had an skirts in there or something,” said Tyler.

The Talk: Americans Gain One Pound Each Over Holidays

A new study has come out saying the average American will gain one pound over the holiday season and they will never lose it.

Osbourne couldn’t believe it was an actual study. “I could gain 10 pounds in one weekend if I wanted to,” said Sharon Osbourne.

The Talk: Seasonal Weight Gain

And Gilbert knew why it was so low: vegans like her were losing weight during the holidays because they don’t have food to eat when they go to someones house for dinner. No one makes vegan food for the holidays.

Tyler said she saves up all hear so she can gorge on food during the holidays. But Sheryl Underwood said she doesn’t even need to save up during the year to gorge during the holidays. She eats like that every day.

“If I could order a whole dinner at a drive-thru I would, and I would wash it down with a Diet Pepsi,” said Underwood.

The Talk Holiday Giveaway: Rock of Ages Tickets

The bells started ringing on The Talk again. Looks like it was time for more holiday giveaways. In this episode, The Talk gave away two tickets to the Las Vegas show Rock of Ages, a two-night stay at the Palazzo Resort and a Texas Battle calendar.


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