The Talk: Taniya Nayak Contrasting Color Design & Monochromatic Tones


The Talk Takeaway: Design

Do you need inspiration to spruce up your home decor? HGTV expert and Food Network Restaurant: Impossible designer Taniya Nayak said you could find the answers to make over your home by starting in your closet.

The Talk: Taniya Nayak Design Concept Board


The Talk: Taniya Nayak Contrasting Color Design & Monochromatic Tones

Restaurant Impossible designer Taniya Nayak explained how your wardrobe can give you clues to creating interior design that reflects your personality. (Adriano Castelli /

She said that your home should reflect your personal style. To get started, she suggested creating a concept board by collecting pictures from magazines that reflect your style or taste.

Taniya created a room on the set based on an outfit modeled by Aisha Tyler. One of her suggestions was to design using contrasting colors.


The Talk: Dining Room & Contrasting Color Design

Aisha wore black pants with a pink top. The room in the design had a pink wall color and dark furniture. Your jewelry box can help you get ideas about how glamour can make your room’s design shine.

Sconces with crystals, crystal candlesticks, and some surprising thrift store finds can help you create an amazing look on any budget.

The Talk: Taniya Nayak Personality-Based Home Design

A bedroom was designed based on co-host Sheryl Underwood’s personality and colorful blue top. Taniya wanted to create a colorful and energetic space.

Denim was a clue to Underwood’s desire for comfort, with crisp white bedding. Textures can help make a statement, from layers of your outfit to layers of decor in a room or space.

The Talk: Living Room Interior Design

Finally, Taniya Nayak showed off her idea for designing a living room. Julie Chen’s outfit inspired an elegant living room.

Nayak explained that keeping it basic allows you to do shades of gray around a room. Be sure to add some sheen that will reflect light.

The Talk: Monochromatic Accessories

Use accessories to add a pop of color around the room, as you might with shoes or jewelry. Monochromatic elements are a great way to weave or layer a cohesive theme through a room.

Use your fashion sense to help you determine whether an outfit is for you. Trust your instincts and create a space that matches your personality and tastes.


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