The Talk: Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt & Creating Mom-eries


The Talk: Leeza Gibbons

Author and current Emmy nominee Leeza Gibbons returned to The Talk with advice on how to honor your mom this Mother’s Day. The author of Take 2 said that you should act from the heart. Find out how to throw a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

The Talk: Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

The Talk: Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt & Creating Mom-eries

On The Talk, Leeza Gibbons suggested creating a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt to help children and adults create Mom-eries for the annual holiday.


Gibbons is an Emmy nominee for her PBS series My Generation. Her best suggestion for an interactive gift was a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt. Dad and the kids can get involved in designing a fun, physical activity that takes mom to her favorite places.

“Give her clues that will lead her to a special gift that you’ve either made or bought for her,” she said.

If your mom has always wanted to learn to tap dance, get her a gift certificate for lessons and a pair of tap shoes. Then come up with clues that lead her around the house and yard, ultimately leading to the gift.


The Talk: Mom’s Legacy

Sheryl Underwood said that this will be her first Mother’s Day since losing her mom. Gibbons had some advice for adults who want to celebrate with their moms: go on the record. Since you can record everything using modern technology, she suggested spending time telling your mother what she means to you.

You can also ask your mom to talk about her life and what her family has meant to her. “This is a way to really value that legacy,” Leeza said. She said she got together with her family to talk about their fondest memories and lessons from her own late mother.

“We also realized that we had a lot to share and a lot to offer other people,” she said.

The Talk: Creating Mom-eries

Track the stories that comprise your family history. You can make a creative craft to share some of your most cherished memories of your relationship with your mom. It can make a great gift from young children, whether it’s in an origami fortune teller or a handmade book.

The Talk: Play This Is Your Life

Interview people from your mother’s life and past. Compile the interviews and videos into a game that will remind your mom of her past and give her some things to reminisce about.

I like these ideas for more personal, meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day. Which one of these is your favorite?


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