The Talk: Jackie Warner Spring Outdoor Fitness Exercises & Bunny Hop


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With spring arriving, it’s time to get in shape for summer. Jackie Warner, author of 10 Pounds In 10 Days, returned to The Talk with some outdoor workout ideas.

The Talk: Jackie Warner Outdoor Fitness


Warner said that a big benefit to outdoor fitness is getting more Vitamin D, which many Americans don’t see enough of.

You can use a park bench to do a side step-up exercise. “Put all the pressure on your heels, not your toes,” Warner advised.

The Talk: Jackie Warner Spring Outdoor Fitness Exercises & Bunny Hop

Fitness pro Jackie Warner was on The Talk to share her Spring Outdoor Fitness Exercises, including the Bunny Hop, Jumping Squats, Up-Downs and more. (s_bukley /


Do about 10 reps of this exercise on each leg.

The Talk: Closed To Wide Jumping Squats

To help get your backside in shape for bikini season, try these Jumping Squats. Use a rope or hula hoop to create a ring on the ground. Start inside the circle. Then jump into a squat with your legs outside the perimeter.

The Talk: Bunny Hop Exercise

Spread a jump rope out in a straight line and do the Bunny Hop Exercise. Jump back and forth diagonally over the rope from one end to the other. For an extra challenge, try it in reverse to strengthen your glutes and quads.

The Talk: Moving Push-Ups Exercise

Next, Warner showed a push-up variation. Start out in one position and do a push up. Then walk on your hands over to the left or right and do another push-up. Keep repeating this, moving after each rep.

Warner advised that this type of trick helps keep your brain active and does not let you get bored mentally during your workout.

The Talk: Tricep Dip & Leg Raises

Use the park bench again to do a tricep dip. With your back facing the bench seat, brace yourself and move up and down. Make it more challenging by raising one leg as you do the reps.

The Talk: Jackie Warner Up-Downs Exercise

Work the core by getting in a plank position, facing the park bench. Move one hand to the bench and then the other. Then move each hand back down. Try about 20 reps to alternate the move and strengthen your back in the process.

Will you be trying Jackie Warner’s advice to get in shape this spring?


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