The Talk: How To Prevent Overpacking & Coffee Maker Cleans Jewelry


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Sam Saboura was back on The Talk with some advice on how to pack your bags for a business trip or vacation, with everything you need to correct wardrobe problems on the go. Learn how to prevent overpacking and get some creative tips you might have never thought of.

Saboura is the host of the fashion series Something Borrowed, Something New. TLC has the show’s season finale on Friday, April 12 2013.


The Talk: How To Prevent Overpacking

Overpacking can be a problem, especially as the rules keep changing about whether you have to pay for baggage and how much you can fit in a carry-on. Sam’s suggestion was to pack clothing by outfits. Put each outfit together in a freezer bag, squeeze out all the air, and label it.

The Talk: How To Prevent Wrinkles

The Talk: How To Prevent Overpacking & Coffee Maker Cleans Jewelry

Sam Saboura was on The Talk with advice on how to prevent overpacking, using a coffee maker to clean jewelry, and other helpful fashion advice for travel.


Wrinkles are caused by friction when clothes are packed together. Sam suggested keeping your garments in dry cleaning bags, or using them between garments in your suitcase.

You can save space for socks and underwear while throwing your shoes in at the same time. Line each shoe with a dryer sheet. Then stuff rolled up sock and underwear in the shoes. This saves space and helps shoes keep their shape.

The Talk: How To Pack Jewelry

Do you have a problem packing jewelry when you travel? To get organized and keep things untangled, sort jewelry using a pill case from the drugstore.

You don’t want toiletries leaking while you travel. As an extra precaution to prevent messes, Sam suggested placing a small sheet of plastic wrap underneath the lid of all your toiletries.

When it comes to makeup, place a cotton pad or ball in your compact to prevent breaking or cracking.

The Talk: Coffee Maker Cleans Jewelry

You can use a coffee maker to steam or clean jewelry. Put a filter into the coffee maker. Put the jewelry inside and let the steam heat clean it off. Then just rinse it off in the sink and you’re ready to go, according to Sam.

However, this will not work for costume jewelry, which would melt. I feel like it’s risky anyway, but maybe I am just overly cautious.

The Talk: Makeup Stains & Fuzzy Sweaters

Do you want to prevent makeup stains while you travel? Use a toothbrush and some soap, rubbing clockwise and counterclockwise to clean up any makeup stains from your clothing.

Has your sweater gotten fuzzy? Use a disposable razor to shave off fuzz and make your sweater look like new.

Use a packaging label from the hotel business center to improvise a lint roller. This guy has thought of everything!

The Talk: Shower Cap Shoe Cover

Finally, you can use a shower cap in a surprising way: they make great shoe bags! This will help keep your shoes and clothes clean, in your suitcase or in your purse. Shower caps can also keep a handbag or clutch dry in the rain.


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