The Talk: Home Office Spring Cleaning & How To Organize Your Trunk


The Talk Takeaway: Organization

Spring cleaning time has arrived. To help you get your house in order, organization expert Justin Klosky visited The Talk with his latest tips for a clutter-free office and how to organize your trunk.

The Talk: Office Organization & Digital Books


Sharon Osbourne admitted that she has trouble keeping her office uncluttered, because of her favorite keepsakes. Justin’s advice was to go digital for keepsakes. Use a scanner to cut down on paper.

The Talk: Home Office Spring Cleaning & How To Organize Your Trunk

Organization expert Justin Klosky came by The Talk with advice on how to organize your trunk, steps to declutter your office, and more simple suggestions.

When it comes to books, keep the sentimental titles around, but don’t hoard books, because digital is much more portable and creates less clutter. Think about donating or gifting books you don’t need any longer.


The Talk: Digital Photo Management

In the old days, pictures, photos, and negatives popped up everywhere. Now, we have to worry about keeping track of memory cards. Make sure to remove pictures from your card after a vacation or event, so you don’t get behind on keeping track of your big moments.

The Talk: Wireless Home Office

How can tame the tangle of wires in your home office? Think about wireless devices such as printers to help cut down on wires. Also, stash away the items that look cluttered or unattractive.

Use plastic piping to funnel and organize cords without getting them tangled.

The Talk: Computer Desktop Clutter

Keep your computer clean all year round. Do not let more than five icons pile up on your desktop. Just suggested that these are the five things you need on your desktop.

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Hard Drive
  • Trash

“Anything else that comes onto your desktop should be dealt with, filed, trashed,” he suggested.

The Talk: Car Spring Cleaning

Don’t forget about your car when it comes to spring cleaning. Stash an umbrella and a dust rag in a side pocket. Remove the owner’s manual from the globe box and replace it with an envelope containing copies of your driver’s license, car insurance, and vehicle registration.

The Talk: Don’t Text & Drive

In your car’s center console, make a space for your phone. That will keep you from texting and driving, which makes the road safer for everyone.

The Talk: How To Organize Your Trunk

Justin Klosky concluded with some advice about your car trunk. If you put something in your trunk, make sure to use it or remove it within a week.

Organize toys or sports gear in a bin to prevent it from sliding around. Also, make sure you have jumper cables, a jack, and a spare tire back there.

Plus, keep an emergency kit with a water bottle, a $20 bill, a business card, and a complete change of clothes. That’s an interesting idea, and who knows when it could come in handy.


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