The Talk: Fashions For Older Women & LuLu’s Secrets To Looking Good


The Talk: Lulu’s Secrets To Looking Good Review

On The Talk May 29 2013, Lulu Kennedy-Cairns came on the show to tell us how she manages to stay looking so young while at the ripe old age of 64. All of her tips came from her new book, LuLu’s Secrets To Looking Good. She shared tips about keeping a wrinkle-free complexion, how to style your hair, what older women can wear, and how you can keep the mind sharp.

The Talk: Keeping A Wrinkle-Free Complexion

The Talk: Fashions For Older Women & LuLu's Secrets To Looking Good

LuLu showed us that you don’t have to be young to look good with her fashions for older women.


The first tip that LuLu talked about concerned her complexion. As you get older, your skin dries out and begins to get wrinkles. The first tip to avoiding wrinkles was to have a cleanser that uses magnesium crystals because they don’t just scrape off dead skin, they completely remove dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh new skin underneath.

The Talk: Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger

The next tip was about LuLu’s hair style to keep you looking young. Essentially, LuLu’s tip for styling your hair was to not go too blond or too jet black because it’s hard on your complexion.

The Talk: Fashions For Older Women

LuLu also talked about fashions for older women. Older women shouldn’t be rocking spandex with a short t-shirt, they should go with something a little less revealing. A jacket that covers the crotch and butt is great, and you can roll  up the sleeves of the jacket and pop the color to give it a little bit of attitude.


The Talk: Keeping The Mind Sharp As You Age

The last tip she gave was about keeping the mind sharp as you age. LuLu thinks that you can dance the years away and keep the mind sharp by taking part in dance classes. She actually dances to Soulja Boy’s music, which includes energetic choreography.


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