The Talk: Aging Cure Review, Sugar Free Meals & Hidden Skim Milk Sugar


Talk Takeaway Nutrition: Jorge Cruise

Food science research finds that sugar is worse for you than you may have thought, according to The Talk’s Julie Chen. In addition to preventing weight loss, sugar could actually be aging you. With this Talk Takeaway, The Aging Cure author and expert Jorge Cruise shared how you can eliminate hidden sugar from your daily routine with sugar free meals.


The Talk: The Aging Cure Review

The Talk: Aging Cure Review, Sugar Free Meals & Hidden Skim Milk Sugar

The Aging Cure author Jorge Cruise shared the hidden sugars to avoid and featured some sugar free meals you can choose instead for longevity.

Jorge Cruise said that sugar affects insulin, which can lead to more unwanted body fat. It also causes Glycation, he said, which accelerates the body’s aging process. This can lead to collagen and fine lines, among other consequences.

The Talk: Hidden Sugar Foods & Skim Milk Sugar

Hidden sugar is everywhere you look, especially in starches. Watch out for breads and rice. Even natural sugar in juices can affect these body processes. Yogurt, ketchup, and even skim milk can contain sugar.


“It’s everywhere, but there is hope,” Cruise said.

Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread & Sugar Free Foods

Choose foods that age you less, according to The Talk. Find a sprouted whole wheat bread, which has less sugar. Choose whole fruits instead of fruit juices.

Real butter is a great indulgence, according to Cruise. Iced tea, sparkling water, and even beer are OK, according to Cruise. Mustard is the perfect condiment. Greek yogurt and nuts such as almonds or cashews are also sugar free options.

Half and half is better for your coffee than milk, according to Cruise, because it is sugar-free.

The Talk: Sugar Free Meals

If you are doing a morning smoothie, you are probably getting too many berries. You have to watch out for sugars hidden even in diet foods, and Cruise recommended 15 grams or less of sugar per day.

Bacon and whole eggs make a great, filling, sugar-free breakfast. If you are enjoying salmon, watch out for sugar in sauces. That will offset the health benefits.

If you create your own pizza on a gluten-free tortilla shell, using cheese and pepperoni, combined with an olive oil salad, you can enjoy another sugar-free meal.

The Talk: Belly Fat Exercises

You can offset the effects of sugar by toning your abdominal muscles, Cruise said. From the plank position, bring your knee up to your elbow. Repeat 10 reps with each leg. You can also do side lunges to work out your inner thighs.

The Talk: Anti-Aging Sweets

Sticking to low carbs and limiting sugar does not have to mean giving up treats. Cruise said that you have to make a diet enjoyable to be sustainable.

Dark chocolate at 85% cacao or higher is a great low sugar snack. These antioxidants are tasty and healthy.

Red wine is also OK, up to two glasses per night, as part of The Aging Cure, because of the power of resveratrol. Another option is decaf coffee with half and half, as well as whipped cream and cinnamon.

You can get more ideas from The Aging Cure, Jorge’s book. What do you think about his advice on sugar?


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