The Steve Wilkos Show: He’s 36 and She’s 18 – They Have Three Kids!


Steve Wilkos May 3 2013

What would you do if you suspected that your lover was cheating on you? I guess that depends on who you are and what options you think you have. A couple is finding out the hard way that trust comes at a price–he’s 36 and she’s 18. Plus, a woman named Chuanhtee thinks her boyfriend goes too far in questioning her behavior.

Steve Wilkos: Steve Saw Right Through You

The Steve Wilkos Show: He's 36 and She's 18 - They Have Three Kids!

On May 3, Steve Wilkos is meeting a family whose trust issues are tearing them apart. He’s 36 & she’s 18, but they have three kids together already.


What do you think about the reliability of a lie detector test? They are often questioned because a variety of factors could affect the results. Though they are not admissible as evidence in a courtroom, they are often a tool used by law enforcement during investigations to attempt to gather and verify the quality of information.

They are also frequently used by talk show hosts such as Steve Wilkos, who want to help guests get answers to the tough questions about the people in their lives. On his May 3 show, Steve Wilkos is helping a couple get the truth from one another.

But this woman claims she is so upset that her nerves and emotions could cause her test results to be inaccurate. Do you believe that she is worked up, or is it more likely that she is setting up an excuse in case she fails the test?


Steve Wilkos: He’s 36 And She’s 18 – They Have Three Kids!

The man in this couple is twice his girlfriend’s age. He is 36 and she is 18. Do you think that is a good match? What is your opinion about age differences in relationships?

What if I told you that this couple already has three children together? Does that change your opinion of the situation? Steve Wilkos has his own ideas about what is really going on in this fractured family situation.

Plus, Chuanhtee said that her man takes things too far in questioning whether she cheats. Find out on the show what he does to check whether she has been faithful to him. That’s coming up on Steve Wilkos’s May 3 episode.


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