Steve Wilkos: Woman Shows Up on Drugs & Did Tonya Fake Her Pregnancy?


Steve Wilkos: Is Tonya Making Up Her Pregnancy?

About five months ago, Tonya and Tamon met at a bar and had a one night stand. Tamon thought it was the end of their relationship together but Tonya kept calling him every day. He didn’t want to have a relationship with her so he ignored her calls until she texted him to say she was pregnant.

Tamon was willing to step up and take responsibility for his child but his friends were telling him she was not pregnant. They told him they knew Tonya and they knew she was lying about her pregnancy because she wanted to be with Tamon.


Steve Wilkos: Woman Shows Up on Drugs & Did Tonya Fake Her Pregnancy?

Steve Wilkos June 4 21013 met a woman named Tonya who may have faked her pregnancy and he makes a woman take a drug test after she shows up to the show high.

The only way Tonya could clear her name was with a lie detector, which she took while on The Steve Wilkos Show but before Steve read off the truths and lies, she told Tamon she had something to tell him.

What could she want to tell him? What is her big secret? And was she making up the entire pregnancy?


Woman Shows to Steve Wilkos While on Drugs

After he dealt with Tonya and Tamon, Steve Wilkos had quite the “couple” to counsel.

First he talked with the woman in the relationship who said her boyfriend was abusing her but her boyfriend claims they are not even dating and she is making everything up. He tells Steve Wilkos they never dated in the first place and he never laid a hand on her.

While you want to believe the women because she is crying, Steve Wilkos was able to look past her tears to see she was not in the right state of mind. He stops his interview with her and takes her backstage where he asks her to take a voluntary drug test.

Did the test come back clean? Or was she high? And who is lying during episode? Everyone?


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