Steve Wilkos: Who Abused Marcus’ Child or Did Someone Lie About Abuse?


Steve Wilkos: Did Charles Abuse a Child?

Jamaica is dating a man named Charles. Both of them were invited Tonya and Marcus’s home for a dinner party which everyone enjoyed. However, the next day, Marcus’ son told Marcus and his stepmother Tonya that Charles had touched him in a sexual manner.

What makes it even worse is that Charles is dating this child’s mother. Jamaica is the mother of the child but the father of the boy, Marcus, who is her ex-husband, has custody.


Steve Wilkos: Who Abused Marcus' Child or Did Someone Lie About Abuse?

Steve Wilkos June 12 2013 talked with a family who say a mother’s new boyfriend was the one behind the abuse of a child but he denies it.

So did her new boyfriend touch her child in an inappropraite way? Charles said he would never do that.

“I’m not moster,” he tells the Steve Wilkos audience.


Jamaica doesn’t believe her new boyfriend though. She asks him why a four-year-old would say something so cruel but Charles doesn’t have an answer. Not only is Jamaica worried for her son, she is also worried for herself. She kept questioning whether she had let a predator into her home.

Jamaica has some faith in her boyfriend though. She believes Marcus’ girlfriend, the stepmother of Jamaica’s son, is making up the entire story. She believes Tonya coached the boy to say some very mean things about Charles and then came on the show to humiliate him.

But why go through all the trouble? Does she wants Jamaica and Marcus to leave her and her boyfriend alone? Does she not want to spend time with boyfriend’s ex-wife?

In the end, there is no way to run from the truth because Steve Wilkos has the lie detector test that revealed who did what. By the reactions of the audience, it doesn’t seem to be Charles. It seems to be someone very unexpected who touched this boy in an inappropriate manner.


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