Steve Wilkos: Wade Calls Girlfriend Fat & Woman Cheats with 40 Men


Steve Wilkos: Wade Abuses Girlfriend and Calls Her Fat

Angela is on Steve Wilkos June 21 because she wants him to help her stop her abusive boyfriend. She says he is very abusive to her, to the point of hitting her and calling her fat. But Wade believes he has the right to do what he wants.

“I am the man. I have the right to have my power,” said Wade


Even when Angela tells Wade she is not happy with their relationship, he doesn’t listen.

Steve Wilkos: Wade Calls Girlfriend Fat & Woman Cheats with 40 Men

Steve Wilkos June 21 2013 talked with Angela who said her boyfriend Wade abuses her and calls her fat and another woman cheats with 40 different men.

“You punch me. You hold me down and choke me,” said Angela when she finally confronted Wade about his abusive ways. She had more to add to her list, but she couldn’t hold back her tears.


“I will do whatever it takes to get my point across,” said Wade in defense of his abusive ways.

Wade claims he is beating his wife because she is fat. Even as she cries about him calling her fat, he screamed in her face, “You are fat.” The yelling became so bad between the two, Steve Wilkos had to get in the middle of them. Then when he asked Wade if he has ever hit Angela in front of their child Wade says he doesn’t even believe the child is his.

“I don’t even know if he’s mine. I think he some Mexican’s baby,” said Wade.

At the end of the day, when Steve Wilkos reads off the DNA results for their child, Wade calls off the marriage and says it is Steve’s fault their marriage just ended. Even when Steve offers to get them both help to work on the relationship, Wade doesn’t seem to want it.

Women Slept with Over 40 Guys

Steve Wilkos invites another couple on his show that are not dealing with abuse but they are dealing with infidelity. He talks with the boyfriend who says he has heard rumors his girlfriend has cheated on him with over 40 guys and he wants to know the truth.

Although she denies the rumors, I think it might turn out to be true when Steve reads off the lie detector test results.


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