Steve Wilkos: Trenetta Put on Streets by Her Boyfriend While Pregnant


Steve Wilkos: Eddie Accuses Trenetta of Cheating

Eddie is convinced his girlfriend, Trenetta, is cheating on him. He tells Steve Wilkos he has no more trust in the relationship because he find other men’s numbers in his girlfriends clothing and he also finds some strange texts sent back and forth between her phone number and another, private number.

Steve Wilkos: Trenetta Put on Streets by Her Boyfriend While Pregnant

Steve Wilkos June 18 2013 talked with Trenetta who said her boyfriend made her turn tricks on the street while pregnant but he says she was just cheating.


He is on Steve Wilkos today because he wants his girlfriend to take a lie detector test so he can finally know the truth.

Trenetta has a completely different story about what is happening. She said she has never cheated on her boyfriend Eddie. Or at least she doesn’t want to cheat on him. She tells Steve Wilkos her boyfriend has told her to sell herself to make some more money.

“When I was five months pregnant he constantly said ‘I want you to get out here and [sell yourself] for me,'” said Trenetta.


Steve Wilkos: Play The Victim & Tell The Truth

Eddie tries to play the victim still saying it is the first time he has ever heard her say anything like that. He also denied ever telling his girlfriend to sell herself. He tells Steve Wilkos he doesn’t want her on the streets. He wants her at home with him but he still wants to know if she is cheating.

Steve Wilkos seems to have trouble figuring out who he believes more so he tells Eddie he has something he wants him to do before he reveals the results of the lie detector test.

“You called the show and you came for reason,” said Steve. “You wanted to know if she was cheating. But guess what? It’s my show. I also want to know if you are [selling] this girl out. Go backstage and take a lie detector test now.”

Eddie rolls his eyes at Steve Wilkos but Steve was not joking. He tells Eddie to take the test or get off his stage for good.



  1. rachel david says

    Dear steve my name is rachel i lv lv ur show your very caring to your guests even the evil ones that appear so keep up the good work and may god keep on blessing you

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