Steve Wilkos Throwback Thursday: Mother’s Abuse Conviction Overturned


Steve Wilkos Throwback Thursday: Unsolved Family Crimes

Steve Wilkos is looking back on a case from 1993 during his Throwback Thursday episode. The case is questions deals with a mother who was sent to prison but later had her conviction overturned. Her family thinks the court messed up by letting her out, but the woman said she never did anything wrong.

Steve Wilkos Throwback Thursday: Mother's Abuse Conviction Overturned

Steve Wilkos April 18 2013 Throwback Thursday talks with a mother who had an abuse conviction overturned but neither her daughter nor her mother believe it.


In 1993, the woman on The Steve Wilkos Show April 18 2013 was arrested for molesting her three-year-old daughter. She did five years in jail before a court overturned the ruling during an appeal and let the woman walk free.

She is on The Steve Wilkos Show because she wants to prove her innocence to the world and set the record straight about the molestation charges. But there are two people standing in the way of her clearing her name. Both the grandmother of the molested child and the child she allegedly molested are also going to be on the show to explain why they believe their mother/daughter is lying.

Steve Wilkos: Mother Convicted of Molesting Three-Year-Old Daughter

Words are going to fly on Steve Wilkos April 18 2013 as the grandmother says her daughter should be put back in jail for what she did to her own three-year-old daughter. Even the daughter says it was her mother who did the molesting. How she remembers the molestation from when she was only three-years-old will hopefully be explained during the show.


There also seems to be more to the story than anyone is letting on. While arguing on the stage the woman who was convicted of molesting her daughter tells her daughter she knows who molested her and it was not her mother. The grandmother of the child also speaks up while on the show, chastising the mother for trying to convince everyone in the audience she is the victim in the situation.


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