Steve Wilkos: She’s A Liar! Was This Child Abused By His Father?


Steve Wilkos May 15 2013

Everyone is lying all the time, always, at least on Steve Wilkos’s show. It is the go-to place for lie detector results and DNA scandals. This time at bat are Shenroy and Trisha, who are at odds because she accused him of abusing their child. But he has a different version of the events. Here’s what’s in store for them on Steve Wilkos’s May 15 episode.

Steve Wilkos: She’s A Liar

Steve Wilkos: She's A Liar! Was This Child Abused By His Father?

Was this child abused by his father? Someone is not telling the truth on Steve Wilkos’s May 15 2013 episode. What will the lie detector results reveal?


Trisha said that her son told her about the abuse that Shenroy dished out to him. Was he inappropriately touching the boy? Trisha completely believes the story she was given, but Shenroy has something to say about this in his defense.

On the May 15 show, Shenroy will explain why he thinks that Trisha coached her son to tell these lies. Why would she want to involve her child in the battle between them? I’m not saying I think it’s impossible, but I do think it’s sad. Children should never be pawns in games between adults.

Who do you think is telling the truth in this scenario? It’s hard to discount a child’s story, but depending on the kid’s age, it is possible that he does not know the difference between truth and a lie.


Steve Wilkos: Was This Child Abused?

But there is another story of alleged abuse coming up on the May 15 show. Carlos has also been accused of abusing his own daughter. But he also says he did not do it.

He has a theory about what is really going on here. He believes that the mother of his child is acting out because she was victimized as a child. Is she projecting her feelings onto her daughter?

Past events and experiences can be traumatic, and they can definitely cloud our judgment. Find out what will happen when Steve Wilkos gives these couples the results of their lie detector tests on his show.


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