Steve Wilkos: Scared Straight Program & American Addiction Centers


Steve Wilkos: Teen Addiction

Megan has overdosed and almost died four times. She and her mother have come to Steve Wilkos in hopes of beating her addiction to heroin. She drinks heavily and does marijuana as well. When she was 13, Megan chugged a bottle of vodka and put herself in a coma.

A few weeks ago, Megan went to the hospital scared, nervous and unable to breathe. Her mother said it was the worst overdose yet. In the hospital she couldn’t use heroin and was angry at the person that brought her there. She convinced them to let her go and began using right away. She wants help now because she knows death is the next step.


Steve Wilkos: Scared Straight Program & American Addiction Centers

Steve Wilkos helped Megan overcome her addiction on February 26 2013.

Steve Wilkos: Scared Straight Program

Steve brought Megan to the show to show other kids how scary addiction is. The audience was full of teens.

Megan said she made money dancing at a club and does private dancing on the side. She told the teens that it only takes one time to get addicted. She told them to never try drugs. To further prove it, she told them that her looks have changed and she has permanent scarring on her arms.


Megan told the teens that the only people that want you to try drugs are people who are already miserable and want others to feel the same. Drugs have nothing to offer them.

Steve Wilkos: American Addiction Centers

Steve wanted to get Megan help, so he brought in Jeff from American Addiction Centers. Jeff took her straight from the show and into rehab. 34 days later, Megan completed the program and gave her ways to beat addiction. She has no desire to use again.



  1. joan says

    I have a question ,my girl friend is in prison and her daughter is in charge of her brother ,well this stated before she went to prison, he is out of conto; don’t listen ,now in special needs school ,his sister cant handle him and needs to get him help ,any chance of getting him in the program

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