Steve Wilkos: Mother Burns Child’s Body & Jasmine Breaks Child’s Leg


Steve Wilkos: Abusive Mothers Attack Their Children

Steve Wilkos is always tackling the toughest subjects and his May 23 2013 episode is no different. He is bringing on two different mothers who have both been accused of abusing their children although they both say it was not them who was abusive.

Jasmine Accused of Breaking Five-Month-Old’s Leg

Steve Wilkos: Mother Burns Child's Body & Jasmine Breaks Child's Leg

Steve Wilkos May 23 2013 talks with Jasmine who claims she did not break her child’s leg and another who says she did not burn her child with cigarettes.


Jasmine has been accused of breaking the leg of her five-month-old daughter but she is adamant she was not the one who broke the small child’s leg. While the child was removed from her care and sent to live with her aunt Paula, Jasmine is determined to clear her name so she can get her daughter back. But not everyone believes she didn’t do it.

Will the lie detector test on Steve Wilkos set her free of these accusations or will they prove she is horrible, abusive and lying mother?

Little Boy Allegedly Burned with Cigarettes by His Mother

Steve Wilkos is talking with another abusive mother who says she is not the one who burned her child with cigarettes, causing his legs to swell to normal levels.


Steve sits down with the grandmother of the child who says it is his mother who is abusing the child and if it is not her, then the mother knows who is doing this to the child. But the mother claims it is not her. She even tells Steve Wilkos the burns come from just being a kid and running around outside, adding that kids get hurt all the time. No one believes what she is saying though and the lie detector test proves she is simply lying about everything.

When Steve Wilkos shows pictures of the injuries to the audience, no one could look at them, everyone turned their heads.

In the end, Steve Wilkos finds the mother to be the person abusing the child and he throws her right out of the studio, onto the streets where she belongs.


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