Steve Wilkos: Men Clear Their Names After Child Abuse Allegations


Steve Wilkos: Shocking Abuse Allegations

Steve Wilkos has had some pretty wild episodes air this season but his newest episode on June 3 2103 may be on the of the most shocking. He is inviting numerous men and women onto the show who have all been accused of abusing children so they can clear their names since they say they have never touched a child in their life.

Ex’s Girlfriend was Inappropriate with Her Son

Steve Wilkos: Men Clear Their Names After Child Abuse Allegations

Steve Wilkos June 3 2013 is allowing men and women to come on the show to try and clear their names after child abuse allegations ruined their lives.


One of the first people Steve Wilkos brings out onto the show stage is a woman who says her ex’s new girlfriend had some inappropriate contact with her son. While the woman denies ever sleeping with or abusing her son in any way, all signs point to it being a lie.

Like Steve Wilkos always says, it is impossible to run from the truth which is especially true if you are on The Steve Wilkos Show and he has the results of a lie detector test.

Man Denies Abusing Girl

Steve Wilkos is inviting another person on the show who claims they were wrongly accused. The man on the show says his ex-girlfriend has been telling everyone he abused a girl but he claims it is not true. The ex-girlfriend says he is a liar though. She says she has seen him abuse woman before and she wants to stop him before he abuses any more.


Yet again, Steve Wilkos has the lie detector results that will prove who the liar is.

Man Accused of Abusing Young Girl Tries to Clear His Name

Steve Wilkos is also offering the chance for others to clear their name after allegations of child abuse ruined their lives even though they say it was a lie. They willing submit to lie detector tests on national television so they can finally clear their names once and for all.


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