Steve Wilkos: Kamitra’s Mother Became a Man & Abandoned Her Daughter


Steve Wilkos: Kamitra’s Mother Lives Her Life as a Man

“I never really had a mother,” Kamitra said to Steve Wilkos. Her mother abandoned her when she was young but she wasn’t out of her life forever. Her mother just decided she wanted to be a man and she would do anything she had to realize that dream, even it meant getting rid of her child.

Steve Wilkos: Kamitra's Mother Became a Man & Abandoned Her Daughter

Steve Wilkos June 14 2013 met with Kamitra, a woman who was abandoned by her mother after her mother wanted to become a man.


Kamitra was sent to live with someone else while her mother made her transformation from a women to a man. Her mother shaved her head and glued the hair on her face to look like a beard. She began acting like a male, talking like and living like a male. With the help of testosterone pills, and possibly with surgery (there was no mention on the show but her mother looked very masculine so I had to speculate), Kamitra’s mother had become a man.

This transformation, and being taken from her mother, hurt Kamitra deeply.

“Every child wants their mother,” said Kamitra between tears.


Steve Wilkos even looked a little heartbroken.

“I feel more pain from you than any other guest I have ever had on my stage,” said Steve Wilkos.

Will these two be able to mend a broken relationship? Or are both of them doomed to live without each other for the rest of their lives?

Steve Wilkos Helps Demitra Find Her Father

Demitra has been on Steve Wilkos before but she is back during his June 14 2013 episode because Steve may have been able to find her biological father.

Demitra told Steve Wilkos, the first time she was on the show, that she had been looking for her biological father for years with no luck. Well, after numerous DNA tests, it looks like Steve found him.

This is one guest update you will not want to miss.


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