Steve Wilkos: I’ve Been Hooking…Is My Fiance The Father?


Steve Wilkos May 20 2013

This family has fallen on hard times, and a financially motivated decision has put them in yet another predicament. Steve Wilkos is sorting through some delicate family matters on his May 20 episode. This guest says, “I’ve been hooking. Is my fiance the father?”

Steve Wilkos: I’ve Been Hooking

Steve Wilkos: I've Been Hooking...Is My Fiance The Father?

Steve Wilkos’s guest has some big bombshells for her fiance on the May 20 show. She has been hooking to make money, and their child may not be his.


Shauna is telling Steve Wilkos about a desperate time for her life and family. To keep the bills paid, she had to turn to desperate measures and get a job entertaining gentlemen callers. But now that she has found herself in this position, there has been another unpleasant development. She has become pregnant.

On the May 20 episode, Shauna is appearing on Steve’s show to ask for help as she faces her future.

After years of her fiance’s unemployment, the couple lost their house and she has been secretly making money through this occupation for the past seven months. Her man is in for a rude awakening when he learns that their three-month-old might not be his after all.


Steve Wilkos: Is My Fiance The Father?

As a result of her home-based business, Shauna is concerned that her own fiance may not be responsible for the child she is having. How will he react if it turns out that it is not his kid? Does she have a backup plan? Given all the circumstances that led up to this point, I would guess that they are not masters of long-term planning.

It is going to be a rough day May 20 on The Steve Wilkos Show.

Steve Wilkos: Do You Want To Be A Dad?

In another story, Tenisha claims that the man in her life is shirking responsibility, simply because he does not want to be a father. What can she say to convince her ex-boyfriend to step up and take responsibility in their lives? Tune in May 20 2013 for the results.


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