Steve Wilkos: I Know You Burned My Baby – Babysitter Burns Child?


Steve Wilkos May 2 2013

How far would you go to protect your baby? That’s a question at the center of Thursday’s episode on The Steve Wilkos Show. The May 2 show features a makeshift family shaken up by accusations and abuse. It’s called “I Know You Burned My Baby.” Coming up with titles for this show is probably a lot of fun!

Steve Wilkos: I Know You Burned My Baby

Steve Wilkos: I Know You Burned My Baby - Babysitter Burns Child?

I know you burned my baby! That’s the accusation at the center of The Steve Wilkos Show on May 2 2013. Find out why a biological mom is on a vendetta.


Tracy cannot deny that her boyfriend’s young child has been burned multiple times while she was babysitting. But Tracy swears she did not have anything to do with the child’s injuries.

Even if she didn’t cause them, shouldn’t she be keeping a better eye on the kids when she is in charge, if they keep getting burned?

I’m not an expert on child care, but maybe neither is Tracy. I’m just suggesting that kids are grabby and they don’t know not to get into dangerous things like share scissors or electrical sockets. Of course they also don’t know not to burn themselves. That’s why you have to keep an eye on them!


Steve Wilkos: Babysitter Burns Child?

You know who definitely doesn’t like their toddler getting burned? The baby’s biological mother, who is confronting Tracy on Steve’s May 2 show. What is the real story here?

Tracy swears that the burning incident was a complete accident, but her sparring partner has a different idea about what went on with the abuse. Is Steve going to be able to negotiate a compromise, or at least a truce?

Can Tracy clear her name, or will she come out looking like an abuser? What is the best outcome you can hope for if you are a guest on Steve’s show? Maybe it’s better to be in the audience for this type of interaction.


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