Steve Wilkos: He Makes Me Sleep With His Friends & Child Impropriety


Steve Wilkos May 17 2013

A couple’s wild romance may have gone too far, and Steve Wilkos is mediating a dispute between a married couple on the May 17 2013 show. The wife, Ashley, says that her husband makes her sleep with his friends.

Steve Wilkos: He Makes Me Sleep With His Friends

Steve Wilkos: He Makes Me Sleep With His Friends & Child Impropriety

On the next Steve Wilkos Show, airing May 17, a wife says her husband makes her sleep with his friends, and she wants it to stop. Is he abusing their child?


Ashley said that their bedroom adventures have escalated over time. It started out with them and another girl. But as time went on, he invited other men into their bedroom and would watch as his wife slept with them.

Michael is open about his desires (obviously if he allowed them to be splashed all over television like this), and he does not see anything wrong with what he likes to explore with his wife. But she has reached her breaking point and is no longer interested in keeping up this aspect of their relationship.

Steve Wilkos: Allegations of Impropriety

I’m not sure how well things are going to turn out for Ashley and Michael, because there is even more to the story. According to their toddler son, Michael has been roping him into the wild activities as well. Is this child telling the truth?


Michael claims he is innocent, but Ashley believes their son. What will come of this stunning couple’s story? Tune in for the May 17 2013 episode to find out how everything works out in their situation.

Steve Wilkos: Is He Abusing Our Son?

Another woman, Anjail, is turning to Steve for help because she has suspicions that her ex is abusing their son. What can she do to intervene in her child’s life? I guess if you don’t want to go the traditional route, then you have options like Steve to get your side of the story out there. He will be figuring out this knotted family drama as well on May 17 2013.


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