Steve Wilkos: Germaine’s Grandson Abused with Third Degree Burns


Steve Wilkos: Germaine’s Grandson Has Foot Burned

Steve Wilkos has another case of child abuse on his show June 19 2013. He talks with a grandmother, Germaine, who says she wants to know who is responsible for burning the foot of her 11-month-old grandson.

Steve Wilkos: Germaine's Grandson Abused with Third Degree Burns

Steve Wilkos June 19 2013 talked with Germaine, a grandmother who found out her grandson was being abused after she took him to the hospital for a burn.


“It looked horrible. It’s like a second to third degree burn,” said Germaine who took the boy to the hospital when she noticed the burn. While she was hoping it was an accident, the doctors at the hospital told her the burn was a clear sign of abuse.

Steve Wilkos brought a number of women who have been in contact with the boy on his stage but none of them would confess to committing the crime. All of them denied they had burned the child and all of them were pointing fingers at each. At numerous points during the show, things got so heated the women had to be separated.

Steve Wilkos: Who Burned This Child’s Skin?

“How the hell can you accuse me,” said one of the women accused of burning Germaine’s grandson’s foot. While the woman is denying it, and all the other people accused are not fessing up, Steve Wilkos lets everyone know that “someone is basically concealing a crime.”


“I’ve got a lot of people running off my stage,” said Steve Wilkos.

After all the bickering and fighting is finished, everyone knows the truth will come out when Steve Wilkos reads off the results of the lie detector test.

“Did you cause the burn on this 11-month-old boys foot,” was the only question Steve Wilkos had to ask for the lie detector test to reveal who the person was that committed the crime. At the end of the episode, Steve Wilkos finds out who burned the child and who was lying to him the whole time.


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