Steve Wilkos: Father Hits Son & Husband Injures Baby – Is He the Dad?


Steve Wilkos: Husband Injures Baby

Steve Wilkos is covering some difficult topics April 1 2013. He is talking with one husband who is accused of injuring his own baby that might not actually be his baby. He also talks with a couple who say their son got a black eye from neither of them even though both are claiming the other hit him.

Steve Wilkos: Father Hits Son & Husband Injures Baby - Is He the Dad?

On Steve Wilkos April 1 2013, a husband allegedly injured his baby and another father is accused of beating his own son.


Steve Wilkos: Man Slams Child On the Ground

Steve Wilkos is talking with a woman who says her new husband took their baby and slammed him on the ground. Although the father says he would never hurt his own child, it is hard to tell what Steve thinks. Then, in a twist of events, Steve reveals that the child may not even be the new husband’s child. Steve brings on the potential father of the child who is fighting to see his potential son even though the mother refuses to hear him say a single word.

Will more fights break out? Will Steve reveal who the father of the child really is? And will he be able to find out if the child is being abused and if he is, who is doing the abusing?

Steve Wilkos: Father Accused Of Hitting Son

A mother is worried about her son who came home with a black eye after being out with his father. The boy’s father said he would never hit his own son, and he says it is the mother who is doing the beating. Steve brings in a family friend to talk with her about the couple and to get an outsider’s view of what is really taking place.


Are these three people going to figure out who is beating the child?


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