Steve Wilkos: Father & Daughter Having Relations—You Ruined My Life


Steve Wilkos May 9 2013

Steve Wilkos has been following a shocking, scandalous, and upsetting story throughout the course of a year. On his May 9 show, you can watch the entire saga unfold as a father and daughter share their inappropriate and intimate relationship on Steve’s stage.

Steve Wilkos: Father And Daughter Having Relations

Steve Wilkos: Father & Daughter Having Relations—You Ruined My Life

Steve Wilkos will spend his May 9 episode looking back on the story of a father and daughter in an inappropriate intimate relationship. What can be done?


Brittany is proud of her intimate relationship with her own father, Morgan. The two of them claim that they are in love. On the May 9 episode, Steve Wilkos claims that this is the most controversial story in the history of his show.

This father and daughter are not shy about showing their affection to one another on Steve’s stage, in front of a studio audience and viewers from coast to coast.

“She’s everything I always wanted,” Morgan says of her relationship with her own dad.


Steve Wilkos: You Ruined My Life

This is where Dr Phil takes the high road compared to Steve Wilkos and other shows of this genre. Dr Phil’s approach tends to advocate for the victims, and maybe Brittany, who seems committed to her relationship with her dad, would not make it onto Dr Phil’s show since she doesn’t seem to want help or realize that she needs it.

I’m not sure there is much Steve can do for this pairing, but he is going back through their long story of multiple appearances on his show. Brittany is proud that her father Morgan is “also my lover.”

Of course, Morgan does not see any problem with this. That leaves only her mother to help her see things more clearly. I wonder if anyone can ever get through to Brittany.

Obviously, her mother has tried and failed. “You ruined my life,” Brittany screamed at her mom. It has got to feel awful to be watching this unfold in someone’s life. Tune in to get the whole story on Steve Wilkos’s May 9 show.


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