Steve Wilkos: Domestic Abuse & Pregnant Girlfriend Has Broken Ribs


Steve Wilkos: Domestic Abuse

Steve Wilkos’ April 11 2013 show dealt with domestic abuse in relationships. He talked with numerous women about how their boyfriends and husbands beat them so badly they are scared to go home. Wilkos even talks with one woman who is so scared of her boyfriend that she hides behind a chair backstage when her boyfriend walks out on to the stage.

When Wilkos confronts the men about why they hit their girlfriends and wives, there is nothing they can say. One guy told Steve Wilkos he hits his girlfriend, he punches his girlfriend, he slaps his girlfriend and he even kicks her sometimes just because he feels like it. He said he has even put her head through a windshield because he knows she is never going to leave him.


Steve Wilkos: Domestic Abuse & Pregnant Girlfriend Has Broken Ribs

Steve Wilkos April 11 2013 talks with women who are experiencing domestic abuse, like one woman who had her ribs broken by her boyfriend while pregnant.

Steve Wilkos: Woman Has Ribs Broken By Boyfriend

One of the women on the show April 11 2103 told Steve Wilkos her boyfriend beat her so badly one time he actually broke her ribs while she was pregnant with his child. But she still stayed with him despite the broken ribs. Thankfully the baby was alright.

When Steve confronted her boyfriend about why he would hit his pregnant girlfriend he told Steve he gets so angry he just snaps and the first thing he wants to do is hit something or someone.


Steve Wilkos: Steve Wilkos Goes Toe To Toe With Abusive Boyfriends

One of the boyfriends Steve talked with mocked him so badly that Steve had to threaten the man. He told him to stop mocking him or the guy was going to have to pay the price.

From the looks of the commercial, the guy did not stop mocking Steve. The abusive boyfriend can be seen leaving the stage and the studio, knocking over as many things on his way as he could.

I really hope none of the girls in this episode go back to their abusive relationships.


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