Steve Wilkos: Did Ricardo Cheat on His Girlfriend with “Friend” Blair?


Steve Wilkos: Did Ricardo Cheat with Blair?

Brittney has been suspect of her boyfriend Ricardo’s relationship with his friend Blair, a female. While Ricardo always tells Brittney he is just friends with Blair and nothing has ever happened, Brittney can not accept it. She has a feeling in her gut that something is happening between the two and no one is telling her.

Steve Wilkos: Did Ricardo Cheat on His Girlfriend with "Friend" Blair?

Steve Wilkos June 13 2013 talked with Ricardo who denies cheating on his girlfriend Brittaney with his female “friend,” Blair. Is he lying?


Brittney called on the help of Steve Wilkos to figure out the mess and he invited all three on his stage to hash out what was happening between the three of them.

They might even need a lie detector test though. Blair becomes very agitated right from the get go on the show. Although she denies ever sleeping with Ricardo, most of her actions show she is lying.

Steve Wilkos brought on an expert to go over the signs that someone is lying and he had a field day with Blair. He pointed out how her fight or flight response kicked in the minute she stepped on stage. Blair’s heart began raising, she began taking deeper breaths and she was annoyed more easily when she could not get away from the situation.


The expert also pointed out that she began screaming and yelling half way through the show. Her voice became louder and louder with more accusations and her eyes became very wide every time someone mentioned sleeping with Ricardo.

Finally, Blair becomes so upset she walks off the stage and starts shoving the cameras out of her face.

“Tell him to come out here,” she screams at the top of lungs after leaving the stage.

It would be pretty safe to say she and Ricardo had more than just a friendship with each other.


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