Steve Wilkos: Did My Boyfriend Try To Kill Me? Husband & Sister Cheat


Steve Wilkos May 7 2013

We have heard of explosive relationships before on daytime talk shows, but the guests on Steve Wilkos for May 7 2013 might be taking the definition too literally. Can Yvonne determine whether her boyfriend tried to blow her up? Plus, a family is shattered when the truth comes out about infidelity. This show is called “Did My Boyfriend Try To Kill Me?”

Steve Wilkos: Did My Boyfriend Try To Kill Me?

Steve Wilkos: Did My Boyfriend Try To Kill Me? Husband & Sister Cheat

Did my boyfriend try to kill me? That’s what Yvonne wants to know on the May 7 episode of Steve Wilkos. She barely escaped after her car burst into flames.


Yvonne said that her boyfriend, Hez-a-ki-yah, is always tampering with her car. One day, she turned the key and the whole thing went up in flames. But Hez-a-ki-yah claims he had nothing to do with the burning car incident.

Though he is not a mechanic, he told Steve that he does know a few things about cars. Here’s a question: is it worse if he intentionally blew up the car or caused it to happen accidentally? I’m not sure, but I do know you shouldn’t let an untrained friend work on your car.

“He feel if he can’t have me, ain’t nobody gonna have me,” Yvonne said.


These two will face off on Steve’s May 7 episode. It seems like car bombs have fallen out of favor since the 1970s. We just don’t hear about them too often anymore.

Steve Wilkos: Sleeping With Wife’s Sister

Also on the show, Steve will meet a couple whose relationship was strained after the husband admitted to cheating…with his wife’s sister!

Will this situation ruin their marriage, or can the relationship be saved? It’s always hard to know, but apparently the parties in this situation were aware that there were some sparks between the husband and sister in the past.

If you found out that your friend cheated with a spouse’s sibling, what would you advise them to do? See what Steve’s words of wisdom are when you tune in for The Steve Wilkos Show on May 7.


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