Steve Wilkos: Diane’s Paternity Test & Nicole Wants Diane’s Kid To Die?


Steve Wilkos: May 31 2013

Steve Wilkos: Diane's Paternity Test, Nicole Wants Diane's Kid To Die?

John will most certainly not be jumping for joy if the paternity test reveals that the child is his.

On Steve Wilkos May 31 2013, Diane comes on the show to prove that John is the mother of their two children with paternity test results. The paternity test reveal  will no doubt be dramatic, and with some very incriminating voice mails we realize that all is not as it seems. Also, Nicole, John’s ex-girlfriend, comes on the show to make sure that she gets some revenge.


Steve Wilkos: Diane’s Paternity Test

When Diane and John first met, John was dating another woman, but he cheated on her with Diane, and she ended up pregnant. What makes things even more crazy is the fact that, not long before John cheated on her with Diane, he was apparently trying to get Nicole pregnant.

When Nicole calls him out on this, he vehemently denies it, like any cheating cheater-face would do, but hey, Nicole is both mad as all heck and looking for revenge. It would come as no surprise to hear that she was just cooking stuff up to make John look even worse than he already does.

What do you think? Is Nicole telling the truth about John? Is he just obsessed with running around and spreading his seed? Or did John just make a mistake where protection is concerned that Nicole is now taking advantage of?


Steve Wilkos: Nicole Hopes That Diane’s Son Dies?

Apparently, Nicole is not just an innocent victim of infidelity in all of this. John accuses her of calling Diane every day and harassing her about her child, and has even gone so far to say that she hope the kid dies. This isn’t a he said, she said situation, either—they have her on voice mails saying these very brutal things.

OK, if I said she was mad in that last part, we might want to change “mad” to “enraged” and throw in a little crazy, as well.


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