Steve Wilkos: Chad is Accused by His Family of Abusing a 3-Year-Old


Steve Wilkos: Family Torn Apart By Abuse

Child abuse can be one of the toughest things in the entire world for a family to deal with. On Steve Wilkos newest episode, May 21 2013, he is talking with a family who are all pointing fingers at each other when it comes to finding out who abused a poor child in the family.

Did Chad Abuse a Three-Year-Old Girl?

Steve Wilkos: Chad is Accused by His Family of Abusing a 3-Year-Old

Steve Wilkos May 21 2013 has a test that can change a family forever. He has the results that reveal whether Chad was abusing a three-year-old girl or not.


Everyone in the family is pointing their fingers at Chad, saying he was the one who abused the 3-year-old girl along with a few other members of the family. Chad denies ever touching the little girl saying he would never do such a thing because he loves kids.

So where is the accusation coming from? The grandmother of the child said the child told her Chad abused her. The grandmother told Steve Wilkos she was giving her granddaughter a bath and told the little girl she can tell her anything and she told grandma Chad was abusing her.

The he-said-she-said continued when Chad said he thinks the little girl is being coached to say what the mother and grandmother want her to say. He doesn’t believe anyone is telling the truth but he does believe they are trying to lay all the blame on him for something he did not take part in.


Chad doesn’t have a lot going for him though. He had previously taken a voice stress test that proved he was the one who abused the child but he said the test was wrong. He did not abuse the child and he wants to clear his name.

Do you think Chad abused the girl? Does one test make him guilty?

On Steve Wilkos Show, it doesn’t matter who wants to lie and who doesn’t because he has a lie detector test that can figure out who really abused this little girl and the results of the test are shocking.



  1. maggie monsuer says

    just wanted to know whatever came of chad in this episode. Was he eventually arrested for this horrific event or what did occur. thanks .

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