Steve Wilkos: Brenda’s Family Reunion After 10 Years Leads to Abuse


Steve Wilkos: Family Reunion

Brenda fell on some troubling times when she younger. After she gave birth to her two children she began using drugs, she was stealing, she was leaving her children home alone at night and she was doing just about everything a mother should never do to their children. Her daughter said she could remember a lot of violence in the home and a lot of drugs left around the house.

Steve Wilkos: Brenda's Family Reunion After 10 Years Leads to Abuse

Steve Wilkos May 22 2013 is talking wth Brenda who has a family reunion with her children after 10 years but is also accused of abusing them as babies.


When her daughter was only eight years old, her mother was arrested and sent to prison. Her daughter and her son were taken into state custody and moved into a foster home.

After getting out of prison, Brenda said she searched for her children for 10 years before she finally found them. Just one month ago, Brenda was able to use the internet to find her 18-year-old son, who was only two years old when his mother was taken away to prison, and her daughter.

Brenda is on the Steve Wilkos Show so she can finally be reunited with her children.


Mother Abuses Children When They Were Young

While this seems like a very happy family reunion episode of Steve Wilkos, there is a lot of troubling matters to discuss after Brenda is reunited with her children.

Brenda’s daughter has always had scars on her body and after being reunited with her mother she asked her where the mysterious scars come from when she was a child. While Brenda did have a story about the scars, her daughter did not believe her, telling Steve Wilkos the story just didn’t make sense to her.

Steve Wilkos has the lie detector test that will prove whether Brenda was lying to her children about the abuse they may have suffered when they were younger. I think these results might even shock Brenda.


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