Steve Wilkos: Are You Still Sleeping With Your Father? Brittany Update


Steve Wilkos May 10 2013

Steve Wilkos has been telling a story so complex and controversial that it has taken multiple episodes to finally get to the truth. On the May 10 episode, Steve has a simple question for past guest Brittany: are you still sleeping with your father?

Steve Wilkos: Sleeping With Your Father

Steve Wilkos: Are You Still Sleeping With Your Father? Brittany Update

Are you still sleeping with your father? That’s the question facing Brittany on her return to The Steve Wilkos Show on May 10, with an update to her story.


Steve Wilkos said he did not want to give up on the heartbreaking story of Brittany, a girl who was seduced into a relationship with her biological father. Over the course of multiple past episodes, Steve has tried to help Brittany see why this is a bad idea.

But she has been faithfully committed to her father and their relationship the entire time. But even though Steve said he felt that he had failed, he may be surprised by the latest update on Brittany’s saga.

Steve Wilkos: Brittany’s Update

Brittany is back on Steve’s May 10 episode, and this time it appears that she has come alone.


“For three years, I couldn’t talk to my mom,” she said. “He made it seem like my family was out to get me.”

Isolation is a common tactic used by abusers in controlling relationships. It’s amazing that Brittany was finally able to break free.

Now Brittany is opening up about the abuse and the terror that she felt at the hands of her own biological father, with whom she was in a romantic relationship for years.

Steve Wilkos: Still Sleeping With Your Father?

Brittany has broken away from her father at last, and she wanted to come back to Steve’s show with the amazing conclusion to the story that Steve Wilkos fans have not been able to stop talking about.

What’s next for Brittany, and can she patch things up with her mom? Tune in on May 10 to find out from Steve Wilkos.


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