Steve Wilkos: Are You Cheating With My Sister? I Can’t Take This


Steve Wilkos May 16 2013

Navigating the murky waters of adult relationships can be a tough challenge, especially when everyone has different wants and needs. Steve Wilkos is helping some people who are struggling get back on track with answers to the questions that are dogging them in daily life. For example, “Are you cheating with my sister?” This show is called “I’m A Survivor, But I Can’t Take This.”

Steve Wilkos: Are You Cheating With My Sister?

Steve Wilkos: Are You Cheating With My Sister? I Can't Take This

On May 16, Steve Wilkos’s guests want to know: Are you cheating with my sister? These relationships are in turmoil and the tension is getting to be too much.


Khadisa knows that her boyfriend Chad has cheated in the past. He even admits that he has not always been faithful. Now she suspects that her man is up to his old ways once again, and she is devastated to think that he might be stepping out on her…with her own sister!

Chad denies that he has slept with Khadisa’s sister, or anyone else, lately. He claims that he is done being a cheater, but is he telling the truth? Tune in for the May 16 episode to see the answers Steve is revealing.

Steve Wilkos: I’m A Survivor

It’s a relationship in crisis, and the details of Khadisa’s relationship sound like they are less than optimistic, but hopefully everything works out for these guests once they get past the rough news they are bound to get on Steve’s show.


I’m not really clear on why people think it’s a good idea to cheat with their partners’ siblings, but it sure does seem to come up a lot on these talk shows.

Steve Wilkos: I Can’t Take This

Josh is concerned about the child he shares with his ex and her new man. He thinks that the couple is abusing their son, and he wants to know the truth about what is going on when he is not around.

Josh is a man on a mission to protect his child. Will he get the help he is seeking from Steve? The results will come in on Steve Wilkos’s May 16 episode.


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