Steve Wilkos: Accused of Abuse & Lie Detector Proves Innocence?


Steve Wilkos May 6 2013

Sometimes relationships become some fractured that one person will do anything to hurt the other, including making up horrible lies. In other cases, the person you care for and want to make a life with turns out not to be who you thought. What’s the story on the May 6 episode of The Steve Wilkos Show? Have these men been falsely accused of abuse? It is going to take a lie detector to get to the bottom of this story.

Steve Wilkos: Accused Of Abuse

Steve Wilkos: Accused of Abuse & Lie Detector Proves Innocence?

Steve Wilkos is talking to men who say they were falsely accused of abuse of infant children. Can a lie detector test prove if they are telling the truth?


Gavin is a father who is not allowed to see his daughter anymore. The two-year-old girl stays in the sole custody of her mother. What caused this to happen? The child told her mother that her father touched her inappropriately.

He wants to clear his name by telling Steve’s audience his side of the story. We all know that sometimes children say things that are not true, but doesn’t that type of accusation have to come from somewhere?

See what advice Steve has for Gavin when the show uncovers the truth on the May 6 episode.


Steve Wilkos: Lie Detector Proves Innocence?

Thomas said that he has been falsely accused of touching his ex-girlfriend’s infant. He has come on The Steve Wilkos Show to prove that he is innocent. How he is going to do that? He has agreed to take a lie detector test on the show so he can prove once and for all that he did not do anything wrong.

When you hear a story about child custody or exes making accusations, do you tend to automatically side with one gender over the other? If so, whose side do you take and why?

Steve Wilkos will be sharing these disturbing accusations and the results of the show’s lie detector test on his May 6 episode. Here’s hoping that one or both of these men can walk away feeling vindicated.


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