Steve Wilkos: Abusive Man Chokes Pregnant, HIV Positive Girlfriend


Steve Wilkos: Boyfriend Chokes 8-Month-Pregnant Girlfriend

Simone and Lee have been together for over five years and the couple has two children together but Simone said their relationship is not good. She tells Steve Wilkos she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her and she wants to know if her suspicions are true. But that isn’t all.

Steve Wilkos: Abusive Man Chokes Pregnant, HIV Positive Girlfriend

Steve Wilkos June 20 2013 talked with Simone, an HIV positive woman who is 8 months pregnant, who says her boyfriend is abusive and chokes her.


“I have something I can never get rid of,” said Simone through tears. “I have HIV. I don’t wish this on nobody.”

She believes her boyfriend is sleeping with other women because she has HIV. When she confronts him about sleeping with other women or being out all night, he gets increasingly angry. Lee gets so angry he becomes abusive towards his girlfriend.

“How do you wrapped your hand around her throat and start choking her,” asked an infuriated Steve to Lee, but all Lee did was shrug his shoulders.


Steve Wilkos: Pregnant Woman In Abusive Relationship

Lee isn’t just choking Simone either. Simone told Steve Wilkos she is eight months pregnant right now and when he was choking her she was telling him she couldn’t breath. She was scared for the life of her child. She tried her hardest to fight him off but he wouldn’t let go of her. He kept squeezing until she nearly blacked out before he finally let her go.

“You sell drugs, you’ve been to prison and you could kill her and kill your own child,” said Steve Wilkos to what looked like a disinterested Lee.

Although Steve Wilkos made Lee take a lie detector test to find out if he is cheating on Simone, it seems there are even more problems between this couple.

Do you think Lee has been cheating? Do you think Simone will leave Lee if he continues to choke her or if she finds out he has been cheating on her? I have my doubts about her leaving but, hopefully, this is the last straw for her.


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