Steve Wilkos: A Family Ripped Apart By Chronic Childhood Abuse


Steve Wilkos May 13 2013

Steve Wilkos is facing a tough family challenge on his May 13 show. Accusations of child abuse and a family cover up are pushing this group to the brink. This episode of Steve’s show is called “A Family Ripped Apart.”

Steve Wilkos: A Family Ripped Apart

Steve Wilkos: A Family Ripped Apart By Chronic Childhood Abuse

Steve Wilkos is taking on a family ripped apart by old accusations of child abuse and new wrinkles to the story that are surfacing after many years.


In what may be an unfortunately common scenario, Katrina said she was abused as a child by her stepfather. But there is sadly much more to this horrifying story.

Katrina said she reported the abuse to her mother, Phyllis. That is when things really took a wrong turn, because Katrina says her mother did not seem concerned about what was going on.

In fact, according to Katrina’s account, Phyllis not only forgave the stepfather but looked the other way while the abuse continued for years. No wonder the family ripped apart over this uncomfortable scandal.


Steve Wilkos: Who Do You Believe?

Blaming the victim is something that people often resort to when they are in denial. But what happens when that attitude or mentality puts someone in harm’s what? That is what Katrina told Steve happened to her.

Now she is suffering with the consequences as an adult, and her sister is caught in the middle. The sister does not know who to believe about these upsetting accusations and stories.

Can the sister be the key to helping the family navigate a path toward peace and healing? I’d say that emotions are probably running high and it is hard to know what the real truth of the situation might be.

Steve Wilkos: Inappropriate Child Abuse

These types of topics can be difficult to watch, but they are a reality for more people than we might think. Because of the stigmas that can be associated with this type of child abuse, it can be difficult for victims to speak up, reach out, and get the help they need.

In this case, Katrina told an adult, which did not do anything to improve her situation. That has got to be discouraging for someone in her position. What will Steve have to say about all this? Tune in for the May 13 episode.


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