Steve Wilkos: 20-Year-Old Heroin Addict & Woman Obsessively Cleans


Steve Wilkos: 20-Year-Old Natalie Addicted to Heroin

Natalie is only 20-years-old and she is addicted to heroin. From the early age of 15, Natalie was doing drugs. She was smoking cigarettes before she was a teen, she started smoking marijuana when she was in high school and before she even graduated she was using heroin.

When Steve Wilkos asked her is she ever thought her life was going to turn out this way, she told him she did.


Steve Wilkos digs deep into her past to find out why she thinks she deserves the life she lives and why she doesn’t think it will get any better.

Steve Wilkos: 20-Year-Old Heroin Addict & Woman Obsessively Cleans

Steve Wilkos June 7 2013 talked with a 20-year-old heroin addict who wants help but is being held back and obsessive cleaning is ruining a woman’s life.

Steve Wilkos Offers Heroin Addict Help

In an effort to help Natalie get her life back on track, he offers to send her to rehab. While Natalie tells him she does want to get clean, there is one person holding her back; her boyfriend.


When Natalie’s boyfriend comes on the show he tells Steve Wilkos they are happy with their lives. They live in a car together and while he is at work during the day, he leaves Natalie to do all the heroin she wants.

“We get high. That’s what we do,” said her boyfriend.

Steve Wilkos tells Natalie if she is going to go through with rehab, she has to leave her boyfriend.Will she be able to find the strength to leave her drug habits behind?

Obsessive Cleaning Ruins a Woman’s Life

A woman who is obsessed with cleaning stops by Steve Wilkos to get some help but she makes she to rub down his chair before she sits down. She then showed him videos of her obsessive cleaning habits and how they are ruining her life. She is so scared of germs she can not even use her own bathroom without suffering from a panic attack.

Can Steve Wilkos help this woman?


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