The Revolution: Mercedes Plane Crash Survivor Diet Weight Loss Plan


Mercedes Johnson: Weight Loss Diet Journey

Mercedes Johnson is at month four in her Revolution. She has become a motivational speaker, telling her amazing story of survival in a Plane Crash That Killed Her Parents. She was in love with macaroni and cheese and didn’t pay much attention to her diet at the beginning of her Revolution.

She learned How To Box With Laila Ali and has even learned How To Build Up The Stamina To Run. “It seems very simple to say just diet and healthy eating and exercise,” Mercedes said of those who have asked her how she is getting results in her weight loss. Her husband said it has even rekindled their romance and they’re enjoying date nights again.


Mercedes said she is still stuck on the memory of the plane crash and trying to honor the memories and dreams of those who did not survive. She feels she has to justify the fact that she survived when so many others did not.

The Revolution: Bicycle Crunch

The Bicycle Crunch is a great exercise that works your abs, both in front and on the sides.

Revolution TV: Mercedes Progress Report

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry is inspired by Mercedes’s resolve. Harley Pasternak is excited that Mercedes is learning to thrive instead of just surviving. Dr. Tiffanie said Mercedes reports that she threw away her granny panties and is more confident in her appearance, causing her friends to take notice and even speculate that she’s having an affair.


The Revolution: Bicycle Crunch

Harley shared an exercise that Mercedes is using to tone her midsection. You can do this anywhere with a soft floor or yoga mat.

Lay on your back, with your knees and hips forming 90 degree angles, like you are riding a bicycle. Alternate pulling your opposite knee and opposite elbow toward one another.

This is like a natural corset, working your core muscles and your side abs as well as your front abs. Harley recommended three sets of 20 reps, two or three times weekly.

Mercedes Four Month Weight Loss

Mercedes started her journey at 210 pounds. After four months, she is now 165 pounds, for a total loss of 45 pounds so far. Tomorrow, she will reveal her total transformation after five months of diet, exercise and success.


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